apologies: conclusions from freshman year

this seems like my first post in what seems like forever. here it goes. 

freshman year passed, what did i learn? here are some things: 

    •    stop spending so much time on Facebook. it’s a fucking waste of time. 
   you can learn so much more from someone by talking to them in person. 
    •    create more. 
   i’ve been reading more recently but i realized that’s the problem with our society. we just consume a lot. i read articles but i don’t actually digest/understand/assimilate it. 
    •    make some things an everyday habit. 
   i do crunches everyday now. 
    •    sleeping is important. 
   when i’m tired, i sleep. and it helps. surprisingly, i still have a lot of time. 
    •    be grateful for what you have. 
   everyone talks about this, but i’ll still say it. 
    •    congratulate yourself on what happened. 
    as asians, we tend to focus on the negative; or rather, parents make us focus on what we can improve on - what we’re lacking - rather than what we already accomplished. sometimes you gotta step back and say “wow”, i did something already. 
    •    try to like yourself more and be more confident. 

the last point is basically the one thing i still don’t know how to do. i self-attack myself a lot, and get jealous. a lot.  

yeah, i’ll update if i make improvements. but for now, this is it.