who am I in terms of eulogy virtues

This is a continuation of the first “who am I” post, which was written a long time ago. In that post, I was primarily concerned with what I liked to do. Do I really like business? Which aspect of art would I like to pursue and subsequently get better at?  

Here, I will explore some virtues I want people to associate me with, especially when they recall me. The idea for this post stemmed from an article I watched a few months ago (I can’t find it, but here’s a similar video). It talked about the difference between resume and eulogy virtues, and the fact that people tend to put more time into thinking about resume virtues because society makes us wired that way.  

And they’re right - with LinkedIn and social media everywhere, it is almost hard not to compare oneself to others’ qualifications constantly. “He got an internship at Facebook?” “Wait, she lead the product development team at Google?” etc. Soft skills are undeniably important, but it’s more difficult to see these online, and as a result, many also spend less time thinking about them.  

But we should. How good a person am I? What sort of legacy do I want to leave, what do I want people to remember me by? 

Here are my eulogy virtues: be seen as someone who is... 
1) Driven, eager and going somewhere.  
2) Interesting. 
3) Caring.  
4) Daring - not afraid to chase and find my own opportunities.  

I’m sure there I’ll think of more attributes as I age but these are the ones I’m thinking about right now. Out of the 3, I think I lack “caring” the most, or second most. I’m not that caring - most of the time I like listening to people talk about their lives and tell stories, but I tend to zone out and just not care when people start talking about their problems.  

I also want to be a risk taker. More daring, more unafraid, more willing to try new things and be easygoing. Be open to new experiences and be not afraid to chase after what I want. Create my own path to happiness and not let any shit - including my own inner voices - get in my way. 

So there’s that. What are your eulogy virtues?