give me

Give me a book. A playlist. Some pens. Bake me a pie. Get me a polkadot umbrella so I can dance under the rain, glide under the sun’s sharp rays. Bring me a gift, wrap it in a box, tie in some balloons, make it extra special. Give me some colored crayons, a cap, a cup, a spoon, a comb, a card, a book of poetry, a letter, a collection of assorted writings, a ring, a box of chocolates, some tea, earl grey please, or some Irish malt with whisky tints, a lead pencil, a rolling pen, a nice pen like this one which is so elegant, so comfortable to write with.

A cake, some candles, a poster, stickers, macbook stickers, macbook case, wrapping paper, beautiful thick paper so I can return a letter of gratitude to you. A journal, a leather bound notebook that smells like age, a paperback book that feels like age, some felt-tip shoelaces, felt-tip markers, a fork, a dainty fork for desserts, some chopsticks, a pair of dotted socks, a pillow, a stuffed animal, furry preferably, a furry blanket, a flying carpet, a flying kite, a pair of wings.

Bring me the sky, the moon, the stars, the universe, the freedom that accompanies it all. Give me the eggs you make on Saturday mornings, the aroma of warmth, your body next to mine as the sun streams in, as the rays fall through the blinds that light up your face, your eyes that smile into mine, nod into my soul, your embrace, the warmth from your body that is so strong, so protective, so loving, your voice that is so deep, so alluring. 

Steal for me the night, the adrenaline that accompanies the idea of flight, the roaring wind near the sea, the raging fire of the inferno. Take for me the excitement of a late night car ride, the lights as they blur into a haze, the songs as they spin into one memory set ablaze.

Find for me the pinch of freedom, the ounce of relief, a drop of rain, a speck of infinity, a trickle of time as we lose it all. As we race into the future and forget it all.