struggles of a blogger

first of all, i’d like to apologize for the sudden silence. school has gotten busy and my mind went blank as in ideas stopped coming to me (pretty weird, huh). but of course, this is not a legitimate excuse, and i didn’t want it to be.

this was originally meant to be a short explanation for my disappearance, but it soon turned into a full-blown post on the difficulties of being a blogger - so here it is.

blogging is different from publishing a book, an article in a newspaper, or even an online article on a digital publication - blogging requires constant updates and small micro-sized bits of information/entertainment juggled with multimedia to keep the page running and to retain readers. blogging is more a business, which can often detract from its artistic/legitimate side. it includes managing multiple social media accounts, replying emails, reading and replying comments, gaining traction by using different channels, then of course, writing the blog posts themselves.

so here comes the dilemma. as bloggers, we need to post frequently to satisfy our readers (quantity) and mix it up with multimedia to make it interesting, but we also need to deliver content (ultimately, words) that is legitimate and useful (quality).

obviously, there are a ton of blogs out there that don’t deliver quality content - they might be focusing more on social media, or photos they post up, and end up skimping on words, writing about meaningless topics like “20 reasons you need a new haircut” or some shit. I’m not trying to disparage any one person or category specifically, but rather show that since i am in charge of my own blog, i personally chose to make it a responsibility to only deliver good content.

I try to only publish those topics worth reading - my own opinions/rants that may inspire further thinking.

i’ve always been the type who focuses more on quality, whether that’s in blogging or making friends or choosing what I let out of my mouth. i speak way fewer words than the average woman, and often find it difficult to extend my turn of speech in group discussions or even casual friend conversations.

this, of course, is also a disadvantage. increasing volume/quantity is the start to anything - if I can’t figure out a way to get my words out, how will anyone even know that i exist (figuratively)? how can anyone know what i’m thinking, much less stay in contact with my readers?

point is, the purpose of this post is not for you to pity me, but for me to deliver my sentiment of occasional frustration.

nevertheless, look out for more frequent posts, hopefully.