i'm think i'm a writer. or an artist. or something of the like. 

i'm still trying to figure who i am and what i should do. what makes me happy, what makes me sad. what is happiness anyways, what does it mean to be real ? 

here you will find the gray area between the private and the public, my deepest thoughts exposed wide, in a way that makes us the closest friends ever but also the greatest strangers ever since you are distanced from my everyday life. you will now know what my mind sounds like at two-AM, but not know who I am on the surface (which may not be that important anyhow).

i'm blunt because i believe the world lacks it. too often, language is heaped with fluff - whipped cream on meringue, whipped cream on ice cream - until you no longer know what is real. who are you, even? what are you trying to say, what do you want to do  ?

so feel free to explore my mind - dig around these words, maybe you'll find something that jumps out at you, or even better, resonates with you. 

thanks, much love, and see you soon.