7 day challenges: a series

so my bf actually thought of this one.

my blog is primarily a personal one but it is also largely a self-development/self-improvement one. so he thought, rather than just writing about how people should improve their lives, i should actually track how well i improve by listening to my tips.

i chose the time frame of 7 days as opposed to the typical 30 days because, lets be real, 7 days is pretty long already. not eating meat for a day is hard (lol, for wannabe vegetarians).

so here is a list of challenges i will tackle, possibly in order:

- using my phone for less than 1h/day
- not eating snack the whole day (fruits are okay)
- publishing 1 blog post/day (doesn’t sound hard but it is actually kinda hard)
- reading some legit articles everyday
- read 20 pages/day in a book (i often start books but don't finish them)

so that’s it, so far. today is tuesday and it starts today. i’ll review again next tuesday, starting off with the phone challenge.

i encourage any of you who want to make a change in your life to start this challenge with me. after all, it’s not what you do once in awhile that matters but what you do everyday. 7 days is a short time frame that can lead to a monthly/yearly/lifelong habit.

best of luck,
the blunt artist

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