articles I adore - 8/16

Each week (might change to month), I will round up a list of (3-5) articles i read this week. Please comment and tell me how you think about them, or if you have any other recommendations, thanks!

1. New York Times - Do Your Friends Actually Like You?
In high school, I regarded one of my lunch buddies as my close friend but she treated me just as someone to hang out with. 

Honestly, I struggled with friendship a lot in middle/high school and wondered how some people can call me their "best/close friends" when I don't even know them, and they don't know me. Even when we hung out, I often felt empty afterwards, like great I just spent a day eating and drinking unhealthy shit with my pocket money but I don't even feel anything when I come home - I just feel 空虚。 (reminds me of 鲁迅 when I use this..)

Point is, good article. “It’s not about what someone can do for you, it’s who and what the two of you become in each other’s presence.”

2. The Odyssey - You Can Swipe A Credit Card Or A White Face In Beijing
White privilege in China is completely true. I don't get why Chinese people just love Westerners so much. Everyone's the same - they may have blonde hair but that doesn't mean they're immediately amazing because of that. 

3. Business Insider - Scientists say smart people are more likely to stay up late and do drugs as adults
Makes me reconsider staying up late again.

4. Quartz - The economic case for joining an expensive gym
Proven by science, giving up money as a punishment can motivate you to stick to your habit. 

5. New York Times - When Police Are Poor Role Models for One Another