college parties are overrated

The highlight of college is partying, right? 

Fuck that shit. Partying is overrated and boring as fuck, unless you are intoxicated, in which case I will cease to comment. 

But seriously. Get a life. 

Why would you make out with some random dude? What, just because he’s hot? Come on. Half the people smell like weed and he’s probably too drunk to remember anything. Is it really worth it?

Here are some reasons why I can’t College Party:
There is 1) Too much touching. 

Stop touching me. Stop grinding me or trying to dance with me or trying to get your head next to mine so you can go further. Seriously. Get a girlfriend and experience an actual relationship. 

2) I don’t want to hook up.  

I’m sorry I’m so conservative. I don’t want to hook up or make out or do ANYTHING with someone I don’t know yet. Just. Fuck off. 

3) Excuse for girls to dress like "sluts" and compare their bodies and outfits with each other. 

Grow up. Is Generation Y that superficial? Do we only care about appearances? I guess people going to parties aren’t trying to impress their potential long-term boyfriends or girlfriends they hope to have an actual relationship with. I guess parties are for hook-ups, but what’s the fucking point of that? Who are you trying to impress then? Just some random “hot” dude you’ll never see again?

Also, this is the perfect opportunity for girl critique to happen. “What the fuck is she wearing - she is slutty af” or “Ew she’s hot I hate her.” Typical girl drama shit. 

But then again girls can’t just not dress up and wear makeup and crop tops and try to make themselves look beautiful. It’s just a societal standard. We “have to” look pretty. I guess exposing too much skin just isn’t for me. 

4) How desperate are college kids? 

Are college students really that desperate? I know everyone has natural “urges”, but isn’t it more beautiful to wait? Wait for that one perfect person you can “do it” with? 


Am I just different from other college kids or am I just old. Or am I just too conservative??