happiness is your own choice

If there will always be people better than you, then how can you be happy? That was a question I asked when I was deep in my struggles.  

But then I realized, sometimes you just gotta live in your own world a bit more. Compare less with others. Think less about their accomplishments, because you might never be as good as them in one particular field. And that's okay.  

You may be not “as good” - in terms of not having as high grades, not landing internships at globally-large corporations, not having a crazy-loaded amazing resume, or not having the most friends with the most photos on Facebook, but you know what sets you apart? Maybe you’re happier.  

You enjoy your life more. Look at the stars, smile into your lovers’ eyes - you enjoy the day-to-day things. And you still get to do what you love. You’re still improving and taking the day the way you want it to.  

And here is it the inevitable cliche - you’re your only obstacle.  

Happiness is your own choice, and I know that, but why do I feel so shit sometimes? Social media makes it worse - when you see everyone else laughing and having fun with their friends, how do you justify and tell yourself that “I'm okay?”  

I just need to live in my own world more. Seek opportunities in the moment and not let others sidetrack my need to achieve my goals. 

I get so easily distracted. I should start limiting the amount of times I can check social media in a day. It really is a vicious cycle and getting hold of me. Not like it’s even entertaining - I just get bored and stroll meaninglessly. I need to make a schedule again. Make sure I stay on task and have something planned out with my life.  

There are a lotta people who still do well with their lives and stay happy despite not having the most friends or whatnot. So that is my realization. A mild happiness is what sets me apart. A mild will to keep working and going towards what I want; a mild drive to keep trying despite being "not as good". Because maybe I'm not as good for qualities that can be seen on the surface, but I may better at intrinsic qualities you cannot see. 

So there. Figure out what makes you happy and go do it.