my happy list

i’m too fucking cynical. i’m sensitive. i react like an artist. i’m unstable; i’m impulsive.  

be a fucking robot. how am i supposed to not feel?  

these days, i have been feeling overwhelmed by stress. solution? try not to think; try not to feel. try to just be happy.  

here. i’m going to make a list of things that makes me happy so i can refer to them when i feel like i’m dying.  

- sleep.  
you love sleep. sleep makes you comforted. sleep makes you feel like you are floating on soft fluffy clouds. sleep makes you feel sweet and vulnerable like a baby again. sleep. dream. dream of better days; dream of a better life.  

- write poetry. 
you like words. you like writing. you may suck shit at analyzing it, but perhaps you aren’t too bad at writing it. sometimes. yeah, do it when you get bored.  

- run. 
running makes you feel alive. you should definitely do it. running makes you happy. you get runner’s high. you feel great. you can run to music. music makes you happy. you should run.  

- cook.  
if you’re hungry, then cook. cooking is an art. it exercise your creative mind. you love it. so why not. only problem is you end up eating a lot. yeah. only do it if you’re hungry.  

- draw. 
you love art. but you never draw. you should draw. paint. use colors. spill your creativity.  

- call a friend. 
you always love that. you think you’re annoying them but you know what, it’s okay. go call someone. whatever.  

- watch a youtube video.  
they’re entertaining. watch trump bash everyone else. watch people hate on trump. watch other funny things. life is good.  

- take a shower. 
showers make you feel clean and rejuvenated. be happy. take a shower.  

- organize your room. or living room.  
it always makes you feel better. you like order and cleanliness. you like pinterest. you like control.

this post also turned into a poem which i will also post. thanks. 

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