new year's resolution: the year of the self

new year's resolutions are bullshit, right.

they're just lofty, unattainable goals; better versions of our selves we can never attain. they're often unrealistic, and may be based on standards we don't even care about - those defined by parents or peers.

but that’s only because they’re often set wrong. different from typical goals, resolutions should be broader, like one-year plans. they can ground us and steer us back to the right path when we get lost.

for example, part of my resolution this year is to be more positive because i realized that at the end of the day, everything boils down to your mentality. my depression and negative self-image was never really a toil with the outside world as it was with my own inner voice.

of course, to really achieve a resolution, one must also set smaller, more specific goals such as new habits or routines. one of mine (influenced by my friend) is to count three blessings each night before i go to sleep. i know that sounds like just another cliche but it really does help you become more appreciative for your life.

it also makes you aware that our continuous thirst for self-improvement can at times become monotonous, or even meaningless. it's great to set goals and wish to improve, but we must first make peace with ourselves. accept yourself already for who you are, and believe that you are already worthy of love and acceptance. otherwise, these goals will become nothing but an endless hamster-wheel marathon in which we never catch up to the ideal versions of ourselves. 

so love yourself first before you can become better.

this year, i use positivity to ground myself in periods of self-shame, self-doubt, and will make 2017 the year of self-healing, self-love, and self-confidence.