on motivation: write goals down on paper

two realizations today: 

    1.    If past methods didn’t work, then find new ones.
    2.    If you really want to get better at something, you really have to work towards it.

I ran into one of my friends I haven’t talked to for a few months today, and he told me about all the activities he’s pursuing. He says the classes at the university don’t challenge him enough so he’s transferring to a newly launched online university that would give him adequate challenge and autonomy to work on his startup and consulting pursuits.  

First of all, what the holy fuck. That’s like dropping out of college. I have never known someone like that. I asked him where he was all this time - I never bump into him at dining halls when I see everyone else. He says he’s either at a startup conference over the weekend, or some other club activity.  

He’s completely sure of his direction - he's fearless and autonomous. He knows what he wants and is not afraid to go there alone.  

Once again, what the holy fuck. Really.  

I know there are ways for me to get more involved in the LA startup or arts scene, but do I? Would I dare do it alone? The most I’ve done is this blog and I can’t even put it on my resume yet cause 1) I swear too much and 2) I don’t really have readers... 

Talking with him just made me wake up. It made me realize that I want to learn so many things but haven’t really accomplished much in reality. And I definitely need to develop my existing skills and build upon new ones. 

So I wrote some goals. In Sharpie. On Paper.  

Previously, I wrote goals. I wrote “Things I should do in my free time,” “Activities to pursue” but I wrote them in my Evernote. And before I knew it, it would be hidden away in the ocean of other notes I have in there.  

So I pivoted and changed the path. If one way didn’t work, then I needed to try another.  

And I did.  

some ambitious stuff.

Everyday, the goals stick right out in my face. I am reminded of my goals and visions constantly. I am motivated and driven because I know what I want clearly and I know I need to get there.  

Of course, academics need to come first. I really need to make sure I’m more on top of things academically, especially this semester. And then I need to make time to do the rest of everything I need to work on.  

Basically, I need to be more legit about things. If I want this website to be real, I will need to approach more people, share it on Facebook or whatever other embarrassing ways I need to use. This site is highly personal as of now, but if I want it to expand, I’ll need to start somewhere, eh.