start things earlier

so you know how i wrote that article that got more views than any other posts on my blog? the one about how to succeed?

in a nutshell, just work hard.

so i tried to follow my own advice, at least for the most part. i studied all the time I could for my econ quiz; I spent hours staying in my room cramming accounting, and the result?

I got a C un-curved for econ (which probably rounds up to a B or B+), and for accounting, I guessed a lot.

well, fuck. I studied, but why didn’t it work?

- i didn’t begin early enough.
- i was not focused.

I crammed econ on the day of the quiz. sometimes that works but I’m the type that starts panicking when I realize my quiz is in three hours. if I actually calmed down and focused, I could use that time effectively, but i was too anxious the whole time.

I realized that studying begins when classes start, when you do your homework and review what you learned after every class or even preview the concepts you’re going to learn next class in advance.

this is how you study. not 12 hours the night before but weeks or even months before - by letting your mind digest each concept bit by bit so you can actually retain and understand the information.

short post - sorry for the silence for a few weeks again. thanks.