what's worth fighting for?

some things aren’t worth fighting for. in chinese, there’s a saying 不会少一根筋 - you won’t "lose a tendon" (sounds funny). basically, if you won’t lose anything significant, sometimes letting the other person win the argument is okay.

examples include arguing with your signifiant other about what to have for dinner. so what, you really wanted chinese food, he wanted american - you can live with what he wants for once. grow up, you’ll both be happier if you just let it go. another example - your mom didn’t let you go out today because she wants you to stay home for whatever reason (she’s sad, she’s lonely etc.). i know it will “ruin your night” but you know what, you’re young and you have a lot of nights left. not going out once isn’t going to wreck your life.

some things just aren’t worth fighting for.

i read this topic from another book originally then saw it on another article (forgot the names of both), but anyhow, it didn’t really strike me until these days. i realized fretting and arguing about all these small things won’t make me, or the other person, happier.

i’ll just be wasting my time and energy being angry and whatever bull crap.

this time and energy should be spent on fighting for real things - for a job you want, for the grade you want, for whatever else that is really deeply personal to you. something that you really need.

yet, even though i know this, it’s still hard to apply it in real life. often when my mom critiques me or says something that pisses me off, i’m so tempted to go on fire and release all my anger and yell at her about everything she’s done that’s pissed me off.

and then i remember it’s better to keep her in a good mood. it’s better for both of us. so i just let her rant and say stuff about me until she’s done, then we’re both good and okay again. yay!

tell me your experiences below! 

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