how to deal with a low point

from time to time i have my low points, and by those i mean really low points, as in my negative thoughts take over and i think my life is over and this is it and i’m going to die or some shit.

so here is what to do if you also feel that from time to time:

- reach out to people. anyone. and don’t feel bad about it.

i reached out to my roommate, who couldn’t completely help me with my situation but at least it was another person to talk to.

since it was a relationship problem, i then reached out to one of my good high school friends who has been through a lot of relationship ups and downs. that helped, a lot.

she didn’t judge me at all. she told me that it’s okay if i have these problems and think these thoughts, and in the end we reached the conclusion of taking a break for my relationship. if i’m not happy in it, then it’s not fair to him (BF) or me to stay in it.

- it’s okay to cry. cry as much as you need to. it’s not weak.

it’s a normal part of healing.

- do something that doesn’t require thinking.

for me, that was washing my dog. it not only took my mind off things, but also occupied my body physically so i could be active, which tends to make me feel better.

- do something that lets you help or connect with someone.

washing my dog was helping him. and doing service or anything for other people in general makes me happy.

- be active.

take a long walk. i took my dog for a long walk today. long af. i sang to myself. i felt released. and that’s okay. that’s totally normal.

- affirmations.

tell yourself: “you’re weird but everyone’s weird, you’re beautiful, you’re great, you are worthy of love and respect, so you should go do what you love and figure out what makes you happy and keep being happy because you deserve to because there is nothing wrong with you.”

- do not stay alone.

if you exercise, go outdoors to exercise. the company of strangers is better than the company of a silent, dark room. never stay in your room for too long.

go out. always try to go out.

- evaluate your context before you make judgments. 

you feel lonely - why? is it 2AM and no one's replying your texts? well, they're probably asleep. maybe that's why you feel lonely. 

are you alone in a cold, dark room? maybe try opening the blinds and walking outside or calling a friend - that might make you feel less lonely.